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How's your DEA business?


Dear Assessors. 


With summer business now hopefully picking up for all you energy assessors,  I thought I would take a moment to message you all and say a quick hello. Some of you will still be DEA's and some would have given up this trying career. Whatever your choices I would love to hear from you. Please post a comment and let us know how your business is doing and wether you are still a DEA or not. 


 Kind regards, 


 Dealocal team.

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Good news..

Vendors can now request Home Condition Survey quotescommercial EPC quotes, Floor Plan Quotes and Lease Plan quotes from the DEAlocal quote system. This is good news for all you Home Inspectors and commercial energy assessors. So keep an eye out for those EPC quote emails as they will say what type of quote is required. 

Soon we will be adding the following to our quote system, so if you supply any of these services make sure you 'OPT IN' to the pay per lead program.


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Getting work from Estate & Letting Agents

The Problems new DEA’s face getting work from Estate & Letting Agents?

Most Domestic Energy Assessors enter the business from enrolling and completing a Diploma with a Training Agency.  The advertisements from the Training Agencies are in our national & local newspapers proclaiming the myth that large amounts of cash can be made from the thousands of houses and flats needing to be sold through out the UK.

It is true that people are always buying & selling houses, however the problems for DEAs is who controls the decision making and who is performing EPC certificates for them before you even decide to ask them for jobs? Entering the market is swamped with problems, especially dealing with all the Estate & Letting Agents in your own area. It is case of too many fools rushing in, when patience and guidance from this website can save you time and money.

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A cool free tool for DEA's CPD management

As a DEA you are subjected to some Continuous Professional Development requirements. You can find which requirements each accreditation scheme has in the article CPD requirements & Accreditation Schemes for a DEA

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Have you Switched Accreditation Scheme?

After a year on the business, some of you may have decided to renew their accreditation with a different scheme than the original the used, have you switched?

If you have, remember you must up-date your business listing with your new accreditation number.

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New "Catchment Area" for the Business listings

We've been trying to add a "Catchment Area" to the business listings for a while. It proved a trickier than expected.

Anyway, the first step is ready to use (as many of you already know), you can now add more Counties/Unitaries Authorities/Metropolitan Districts to your area of work or "Catchment Area"

To do so, simply follow the instructions below.

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DEA's Not Playing Ball

Within my local area I have gained a good name due to the efficeint and proffesional service I provide to several estate agents and solicitors.  

However, a local firm for whom i used to work showed some desperation and contacted all my clients undercutting my fees by half!!!

Now i know we all need to make a living but surely this is just not acceptable from fellow dea's, is it? Can I name and shame? 

Luckily for me I pleaded my case and reduced my fees slightly to keep my clients on board but this is not the point. 

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