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How's your DEA business?


Dear Assessors. 


With summer business now hopefully picking up for all you energy assessors,  I thought I would take a moment to message you all and say a quick hello. Some of you will still be DEA's and some would have given up this trying career. Whatever your choices I would love to hear from you. Please post a comment and let us know how your business is doing and wether you are still a DEA or not. 


 Kind regards, 


 Dealocal team.


New leads from DEA Local

As a new member I am delighted to receive new work through the DEA Local website. I won the 1st EPC at a good price and was very happy to pay the realistic 'Pay per quote fee'. I look forward to working with DEA Local in the future.

KR Hodgkinson

Getting better

Picking up, can't complain but do have to travel quite a vast area to pick up enough work to survive.

Business is picking up nicely.

Business is picking up nicely. I ordere 1000 poctacrds from Vistaprint and went out on a mad posting spree in estate agents and solicitors, and the response has been very positive. Plus I have just picked up a lovely job from this website. Can't complain.

Business is good, but a little slow atm due to Christmas.

Our energy performance certificate business is doing well. We have maintained many of our original clients from 2007 so the price is good compared to new clients. Christmas has obviously slowed things down a little but I'm glad to be honest. We are bothe residential and commercial assessors.