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Online estate agents keep offering me money to persuade householders to switch to them form their appointed estate agent. This is unethical in my opinion. Thoughts?







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Domestic Energy Assessor representation on DECC Green Deal Forum

The Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors is petitioning the DECC government department for representation of Domestic Energy Assessors on the Green Deal forum, at present there is no direct representation of DEAs. Please us this link to see the full information on this petition and please sign to push for this representation.

Regards Andrew King.

Always Get you Energy Performance Certificates from a local DEA

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The cowboys may have met their match

Reading all the post about DEAs charging just £30 for an EPC Certificate, (and in some cases even less) the situation is becoming rather depressing for a group of professionals who are trying to do a thorough job and producing meaningful EPC’s.

For those of us who have committed to starting a proper business and pride ourselves on our professionalism and approach to work , find it difficult to compete with the individuals who have other full time jobs and produce Energy Performance Certificates  on the side, either during days off or at week ends.

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Generating extra revenue from EPC certificates

We all know about downward pressure on fees and how its affecting our ability to survive and thrive in the curent downturn.  Whilst I agree with many commments on the blog that we should try and maintain our standards and keep our fees up its important to remember that we are all operating in a commoditised market.  By this I mean all our clients often want is the 'tick in the box' which makes their sale / rental legal.  In that context its not surprising that they will look for the cheapest, quickest, least hassle solution.

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Guide to Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

If you are planning a career of a Domestic Energy Assessor or a Home inspector, you need to know how to proceed with it. A Continuous Professional Development program or CPD is compulsory for this line. Here are all the knowhow about CPD and its details. However, before proceeding further you need to be acquainted with the responsibility of a DEA.   

Role of DEAs

Domestic Energy Assessor plays a vital role in Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Essentially the accredited and qualified DEAs are required to carry out the energy assessment for EPC certificate. All the data regarding the construction, dimensions, heating and hot water provisions of the property have to be collected by DEAs, which is then entered in to an approved software programme.

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Are you considering Commercial training?

Even though we don’t deal with commercial EPC certificates at DEAlocal, I’m posting this in response to many queries from our DEA members about the subject.

If you are considering investing on getting your qualifications as a Commercial Energy Assessor to top up your earnings … think twice.

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Does anyone want some work over the Christmas period?

Hi everyone.

This is purely speculative at the moment, so don't get planning any New Year celebrations ....yet!

I am preparing a quote for properties in Cardiff (28), Portsmouth (25) and Exeter (28), also a number in Birmingham but I shall do those myself. They are converted houses for student lets and the agent has confirmed that they are 'group lettings' and therefore require an EPC. The majority of the properties are 6 - 8 beds with an occassional 9 or 10 thrown in. They will need to be completed around the Christmas period to coincide with the Uni holiday, so we are talking about 5-6 days work for each area.

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Training Companies should be stopped – its immoral!

I have just taken a call from a guy who has been offered training as a DEA. He has been told that he could earn upwards of 50k per year! Not only that it would only cost him £6,500 for the full training!

I put him straight on a few true facts – too many assessors, low charge rates, housing market etc etc. Advised him that the only one making money at this at the moment are the training companies. I was thanked for my honesty.

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