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Becoming a Domestic Energy Assessor in the UK - The Plain Truth

So, You Want to Become a Domestic Energy Assessor . . .  Do You?

Don't Even Think of
booking Your Dip DEA Training
Before Reading This !!!

  • Are you looking for a New Exciting Career?
  • Would you re-train and have a lucrative new career as a Domestic Energy Assessor?
  • Want to become a DEA, earning good money and working flexible hours?

You may even have heard somethings like;

  • There is a shortage of skilled and qualified Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA's) in the UK
  • There is an increasing demand for qualified energy assessors
  • DEAs are in huge demand - over 2.5 million homes per year will need an EPC
  • A secure and developing role  - tenanted and commercial property will need EPCs in the future.

As well as real convincing statements like;

  • Every home that is put on the market for sale in England and Wales will need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as part of the HIP.
  • As Home Information Packs (HIPs) are now mandatory for all homes, there are excellent opportunities to make a successful career in home energy ratings.

The above statements (or should I say pack of lies?) were taken from webistes selling DEA training the same day of this writing.

. . .  Tempting, isn't it?


At the time of this writing this are the official figures

Assessor Numbers as of 23 Sep 2008
Stage    Number of assessors/candidates

  • Accredited (1)    7,930
  • Qualified (2)    1,464
  • Passed exams (3)    4,816
  • Total in system who have passed exams or progressed further    14,210

(1) These assessors have passed exams, qualified and become accredited.
(2) These candidates have passed exams and qualified, but they have not yet become accredited.
(3) These candidates have passed exams only.

Update on June 2009 - As for today the website that was showing those figures above has been taken down and there is any official place to find out. In fact if you ask the officials they'll simply avoid to give you a clear answer :-(

How many Domestic Energy Assessors did the government said it was needed to cover the whole country? . . . I can not remember, was it about 3,000 or 3,500 wasn't it?

So, before you make a decision  read below what some qualified and certified Energy Assessors, have to say.

All the Best


Manuel Kupka
DEA in Bath

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A recruitment website is

A recruitment website is advertising this as a £30-40K p.a job.  Take a look at this joke! 

"The course does cost from £1,600 to £2,600, depending on building size and levels, but you will definitely earn this back within the first two months. There is no catch, this a genuine career.

This is a new career due to Government rules that have been brought in recently for all buildings to have energy assessments and currently the UK does not have enough assessors to go round for the amount of work required."

A total and utter misrepresentation!

YES - Training Providers are nothing short of con-artists!

1) There must surely be some law we can get them on for this blatant misrepresentation of the opportunities for DEA's.  

2) Training providers should ALL have to wait for their course fees until the DEA has made a profit of amount.  If there is that much work out there (as they all say) they will only have to wait 4 or 5 weeks! 

How many would put THIER money where their mouth is?!!!

3) A powerful Union for us DEA's would be great in an ideal world but as we all know this is far from an ideal world.  Imagine if 10,000 of us said we will unite and work for no less than £70/EPC.  The other 3-4,000 would accept all the work, at cut-price rates. 

I can't really see how this situation is ever going to improve with so many DEA's still hanging on to part-time scraps and new ones being trained every day.

I am one the many who has packed it in

*Posted by Manuel on behalf of DEA-CON

Thanks for registering me but I won't be adding a business listing

I am one the many who has packed it in and am now feeling cheated by the whole DEA thing, primarily the training provider (& no doubt others) who have totally misrepresented the situation: fees, availability of work, number of DEAs, etc.

I can just about stand the loss of £4k but there was a young couple on my course, both working in a restaurant, must have put their entire savings into DEA training & will likely never get it back or see any benefit - their dream just ruined.

I know the trainers aren't responsible for the slump, but they are continuing to get rich while worsening the situaton for exsiting DEAs

I meant to say that ...

*Posted by Manuel on behalf of DEA-CON

Although the training companies are not
responsible for the housing slump, they most definitely are responsible
continuing to encourage people to become  DEAs by exaggerating the
prospects, the market and the likely income
, even when that market is
clearly flooded with qualified people

Commercial Training

Don't do it.  Even in commercial the fees are dropping like stones.

Midland Assess
Walsall, Wolverhampton and Birmingham
Domestic and Commercial EPCs

The Domestic market is very quiet


I'd enter the market very carefully. The Domestic market is very quiet, nobody's sure about the rental market yet.

I've been talking to this part of the market and it seems that I'm too early. My advice if you really want to become a DEA consider commercial - but I've seen these courses priced at £2500 + VAT.

I'm certainly not going to do this - having spent £4000 so far. I've been trading a month and only one phone call so far. I haven't had any income at all yet.

Just keep reading


Do NOT do it, they are only trying to get your money.

I can't say about the Commercial but the Domestic market is really thought and prices (per EPC) aren't anything your course provider is telling you.

I imagine it may get similar for the Commercial side. Even though it isn't as affected by the credit crunch, if the government doesn't do something about it, eventually the course providers will saturate the market as they've done with this one . 

Don't take my word for it, just read the whole of this page and you'll have your answer.

Why would they be so interested in selling you the course? Well, I think that is an easy one ... they have 7000 good reasons for it :-)

Hi Guys,   I agree

Hi Guys,

I agree about the need for a union, at present DEAs seem to be running around without direction gladly accepting any scraps offered to them. I am in contact with some DEAs from my training course and one recently informed me that he is now doing EPCs AND floorplans for £35 each plus Lodegement fees.

I don't think I need to state how much the provider is making on this service... at this rate HIP and EPC providers will soon be running DEA 'sweat shops' across the UK. It's a far cry from £100 per EPC I was told 14 months ago.


Berkshire HIP

EPC Fees

It goes without saying that I agree about the ridiculously low prices that are being offered at present. I also agree that a Union/Trade Association/Forum should be set up to enable us to make a united stand. How do we go about this though??

I have just been contacted by Easier2Move and asked if I would go on their DEA panel and accept £40 for each EPC. They are just about to launch their "cut price" HIP at £260 +VAT and they prepare the HIP themselves. I told them NO!!!



DEA union

I agree with all comments made . I am a qualified DEA and so is my partner we were accreditted Sept 2007 and have only had a minimal amount of work

The suggestion of a DEA Union would be a perfect idea to keep the epcs at a realistic price so that every DEA could make an honest living and to hit back at the pack providers that are controlling the market through trying to be competitive with other pack providers. 

Why should DEAs be made to work for peanuts? As for the panels reducing the cost of an epc from £45 to £40 that is ridiculous.

I myself think that we as DEAs should unite and not wait to see if or when other DEAs give it all up and return back to their previous jobs.

I would join a DEA union if it meant that we could make a decent living out of producing epcs.


David Gallagher - Domestic Energy Assessor

I agree with the vast majority of comments posted to this site. Whilst trainers continue to run DEA courses uninterrupted  in the absence of any government regulation/intervention, I feel that we are still months and months away from turning the corner in this sorry saga.

The ingredients are there for all to see - market depression, lack of confidence across the board, falling property prices, looming economic recession, not to mention the credit crunch which continues to ripple out from across the pond the result of which makes lenders very picky who they lend therir money to. All of which contributes to the impact we are all experiencing.

It can be reasonably argued that the courses should cease with immediate effect. This short termist approach that simply lines the trainers pockets isn't doing anybody any favours in the long term - those coming into the profession with their sights still set (if they believe the literature) on earnings of £50,000 plus a year, nor  those of us who for the relatively short time we've spent doing this job have gleaned a good sense of the stark reality.

I am a fully qualified and Accredited Domestic Energy Assessor through ABBE - the Awarding Body for the Built Environment - and hold Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. With this in mind I

I certainly don't understand some people

Wow, I certainly don't understand some people, I'd have applauded your comment had I been there.

The truth is that most are happy to complaint all the time but wont move a finger to protect themselves.

I emailed over 700 DEAs asking for help to promote this article and only a few have responded (well done guys :-).

I do understand that some may not like to post comments but one something I asked would have take only a couple of clicks yet only about 8 actually have done it (so far).

All these people will be the ones who won't renew their accreditation next year and will leave some space for the ones who are serious about this.

Worthwhile Career? Save your money

All I can say is that its a good job that I do not depend on Energy Assessments to make a living because I would have been in a soup kitchen by now!

There is very little business unless you are happy to work for nothing!

Cornwall Home Energy Surveys

I know exactly what you mean about the Ads

I know exactly what you mean about the adds and I've been thinking about this for a while.

As you know I don't charge a penny for your business listing as opposed to other directories that are charging up to £30 a month for less of what I offer for free.

I use Google Ads to help me cope with the expenses (as EPCs aren't flowing as wished). It is not in my hands what ads show in there. I think there is a way of filtering certain advertisers I will have a look at this and see if I can get rid of those advertisers ASAP.

I've been feeling guilty about those adds showing there so I will definitely find something else to put there soon.

Updated on June 3rd - The DEA training ads have been filtered out and should NOT show anymore, if you see some please let me know.

Too many DEAs

It is true that there are too many DEAs at present. I wonder how many will be practicing full-time this time next year? I would hazard a guess at half the number at present.

We run a Home Information Pack business and often receive phone calls looking for advice on whether to enter the business; we don't try and put people offer as there are certainly advantages to the HIP and EPC business though trying to paint an accurrate picture of current conditions for DEAs.

I have written a post on this issue over at my blog examining this further and welcome comments and suggestion to improving the situation. Should I train as a domestic energy assessor?

Landlord EPC

Property Blog

Some Harsh Truths

1) Anyone going into this industry thinking it was going to be a bed of roses after the initial setbacks was mistaken

2) Anyone going into this industry after August of 2007 was most likely mistaken unless they had some decent contacts

We are clearly dealing with some major issues. Namely:

  • Too many DEA's trained up
  • A poor housing market
  • Unprofessional DEA's.

Yes, that's right! There are many comments on this site about DEA's living from "scraps" etc. This is a problem of their own making.

If a DEA is prepared to accept a job for £45 and then travel 50 miles to do it, then this is clearly an error on the part of the DEA. Much better to turn the work down on price even if it means someone else getting the work.

If enough DEA's turn around to the cowboy suppliers and refuse to work for them, they will have to either put their fees up or go out of business. It is really that simple.

The price is already governed by the DEA's. It's just that some of them are being rather silly about the fees they are willing to work for.

Why keep the fees higher you ask?

Ok, here goes.

Increasing fuel costs, Insurances, Lodgement Fees, Accreditation, CPD for a start. But here is the most important thing:

Imagine you are a DEA doing 6 epc's a day. You  have to do 6 a day because you are only getting £40 for each one. You are going to make a mistake. Okay, chances are this mistake might go unnoticed.

But... make enough of them and one of them will get noticed and then (hopefully) that's you out of a job and it serves you right for overburdening yourself in the first place.

However, it doesn't stop there. You have now damaged the industry. The public lose faith in DEA's and this comes to the attention of the government at ministerial level. They won't look at the route causes they will simply remove the problem. That, in this case, is the selfish DEA who insists he has to do 6 epc's a day for £40 each. Wake up. Please.

Now imagine you are a DEA doing 3 epc's a day. All of a sudden, there is twice the amount of work to go around because instead of doing 6 epc's a day, each DEA is only doing 3 per day. You can now produce a quality EPC, free of mistakes.

The industry gains some respect. You hold out for a decent fee (say £65 for each one) and there you have it - £195 a day with enough time built in to sort out your credit control, do some business development and have a look at a bit of CPD. Also, you are earning enough money to see you through some of the leaner times when the property market is having problems.

Make sense? it does to me.

As for joining the profession, I would say that unless you have some decent contacts who will be able to supply you with work, it is probably not worth it unless you are looking for a part time career and are prepared to pay a large fee to get trained.
Tim Lawson 56 Axe Head Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire. NN4 8TF
Tel: (office) 01604-708878 (mobile) 07974-530841

Some harsh truths - yes good comment

I totally agree with Tim. DEAs should aim for a maximum of 3 EPCs a day and all at a decent rate. I have been trading for just about a month now - 9th July and I've spent my time fine tuning my website and had my first telephone enquiry last week - for 4 rental EPCs. I'm firmly focusing on Landlords and rental market.

I'm talking to a lot of letting agents - not estate agents, but just solus letting agents, they have no need to have a dialogue with HIP provider panels. What's obvious to me is there's an awful lot of the public with buy to let properties who still don't think of themselves as Landlords - but of course they are.

The market is still soft - but with most buy to let Landlords struggling - because they over stretched themselves, that's to be expected. I'm being told that the market should harden at the end of this month/ early September.

I totally agree

I totally agree with the comments posted.

When I intially though about training to be a Domestic Energy Assessor in 2007, I was sold the dream of this new industry ... but with delays in implementation and the sheer number of qualified assessors the industry is barely viable if you're just providing EPCs.

I'm in contact with numerous assessors from all across the country and a good week for them is 2-3 assessments, earning them just over £100 after costs.

I remember being told EPCs would be over £100 a time and in fact they were for about 2 weeks, but the competition amongst DEA's has just sent prices tumbling.

I recently heard that one provider was paying £32 per EPC! - I can not begrudge any DEA working for such a fee... we all have our burdens and bills to pay but the lack of unity and singular voice has been to our collective detriment.

With DEAs ever willing to accept less and less for an EPC the pack providers and other associated middlemen are laughing all the way to the bank.

Worse still is on going marketing and advertising by training providers, which I believe is totally misleading, if a DEA training now manages to earn £40k+ doing EPCs then I need that DEAs number.

People, DO NOT believe the hype !!!

Look on forums and talk to professionals out there before giving up your hard earned cash chasing what could become a nightmare.

DEA Control by Governement Hijacked

There was an EU directive to control and reduce energy use and Co2 emmissions at home. The government have hijacked the processed so they can obtain data free on dwellings in the country, not to reduce energy.

The market is a free for all and is letting DEA compete against each other without any control on numbers being qualified and satisfying demand . The price is dropping as a result in any areas , which makes it diluted with your earnings potential.

By default the only people making any money are the traniners and a total lack of control by Governement through the department of Communities and Local Government.

It is an outrageous situation and could be viewed as a government Con.........It is time that a Union is Formed by all the DEA to control the market, share the EPCs and control the price on the market . . . I hope you all agree.

There may be grounds to sue the governtment here and training providers if the market is not put under control ... ;

James Robertshaw FCMA
Director Oxford Environment Centre Ltd
Tel 07930-395344

Just Don't Do It!

There is a need for a maximum of 3,500 DEAs in Britain.  There are over 11,000 ahead of you in queue for those jobs.  Until the current DEAs give up or people start moving house every other week there aren't going to be many openings for you and those nice training people's smiles will be a painful memory.

If you are short of a hobby take up sailing, join a gym or do something equally beneficial because an expensive hobby is all being a DEA will be.

Jonathan Parkes DEA (though mostly making money in metallurgy) 

PS Those of you thinking that the rental market will change all this?  Rental Certificates last for 10 years so dream on.
PPS Actually think the kind of classic car you can buy for £2,500!  That'll be something you can sell on afterwards too!

DEA Training

I thought long and hard before selecting a training company. This was going to be expensive, funds limited, no track record as an 'industry' and could be kicked into touch at any time by our Government. My training company was expensive, basic fee £2,950, then there's the intangible costs and about 1,000 miles of travel to attend courses etc. They were good, supportive and they got me through to my new career. By the time I got set up with my website and felt equipped to tackle the market, the property world was belly up, the streets were filled with unemployed DEAs and the boat I had missed was over the horizon.

Being independant and self employed is both exhilarating and challenging. It is easy to get despondent, it would be easy to pack it in, but I didn't expect it to be easy to succeed. I have to press on, keep making those calls, talk up, not down and believe the future will be brighter.

But for pity's sake, stop all this training malarkey. I recently attended a seminar where all the training providers were banging on about their wonderful courses, now focusing on commercial work of course, and seeking candidates prepared to stump up another £3K.

Please discourage anyone you like from joining in this fiasco. Those of us still hanging in there don't need more cannon fodder going to the Training companies, it's time that they felt the draught.

I suggest we stick together, join your local DEA/HI group, attend meetings, share ideas and draw strength from each other . It can be mighty lonely trying to get by on your own - but you are not alone, sadly, there's loads of us in a similar situation, some will pull out for alternative work, but the rest will press on and make it work.

Good luck to all, except the ones on MY patch. Earl Ware.


Of course there's people making money.

I thinks its obvious that there's people making money but, as far as I know, not many making a living not to mention to earn as much as the training providers tell you.

However, will new accredited DEAs get any jobs? They could but to do so they'll have to put the prices even further down which means that they'll have to work even more to make any profit at all.

DEA's Out in the cold!

Like everyone else I have spent £2500 in training and more recently £2800 with a HIP provider for an exclusive territory with the promise of full marketing back up and contracts with at least 5 estate agents.

It is now 4mths since I passed the DEA exam and 6wks with a new HIP provider and I have received ZILCH, no work or enquiries.

We should all do what we can to discourage training providers from continuing to miss sell and not just for our own reasons to prevent poor unsuspecting candidates going down the same route.

I now blame myself for even wanting to develop a business reliant upon the least respected trades - Estate Agents!!!! Soloicitors!!!! and now HIP Providers.

Not only do we have to survive on nothing or meagre droppings from panels we are expected to pay disgusting amounts of money for CPD courses with the veiled threat that our respective accreditaion bodies will drop us if we don't.

We need to get tough or get out. Organise ourselves with emails/letters and bombard Panels, Government and Accreditation bodies. This will only work if we are all in general agreement about levels of work and rates. 

 Carl McGrath is a DEA in offering EPCs

Too many DEA's

I believe that we have a new law in the UK (something linked to trading standards) regarding bogus or misleading advertising.  Are companies advertising courses in energy assessment (with their claims of how DEA's are in demand) not in breach of this?  Could we claim our course fees back?

Becoming a DEA

If you feel that you can waste £2 - 3000 on a promise of work go ahead. There is work out there with several panels offering £45 per EPC, so if you want to work for peanuts go ahead. Remember that to earn this princely sum you have to travel to the appointment, assess the property, return to your home/office and then file the EPC.

All of this will take you, on average, 3 hours. £15 an hour, higher than the minimum wage!! But you should now examine the costs involved, petrol, running the car, accreditation fees, lodgement fees, mobile phone charges, internet charges, stationary, etc, etc.

I should add that these panels offer no guarantee of work and, as they increase the number of DEAs willing to work for next to nothing, reduce the fees they are willing to pay quite regularly. If you still wish to train, the very best of luck to you, you will need it.

Trianing providers

These organisations are taking money under false pretenses as any new Energy Assessors will get very little work. Even when the housing market picks up they will find it difficult.

I understand there are 12,500+ DEA's and the market only needs 3,500. They like most of us will take years to get into the black on the £2,500 spent on training.

We need to get this message into the public domain.

DEA Training Opportunities

I was persuaded to qualify as a DEA by the promise of up to 40 surveys a month to be provided by the organisation with whom I trained. Since I qualified I have had no work offers from them. In fact, they haven't even tried to source any work yet.

I joined forces with several colleagues who qualified at the same time as me and we have tried very hard to market ourselves and seek out any work opportunities, but with no success. We all feel that we were misled by the advert we responded to originally and by further empty promises made to us during our training.

The only people making money at the moment are the Training Companies and my advice to anyone thinking about becoming a DEA right now is....DON'T DO IT!!

training providers

Just to give you the feedback you asked- I have had quite a few calls from people who have found my number and were considering becoming DEA's.

They had all been lured by the TP's pitch of easy hours and big rewards - I have done my best to warn them of the over subsciption of DEA's and the difficulty of getting established once qualified and although it always seemed I had an axe to grind I have asked them if they were in a financial situation that enabled them to not earn any money for a year which I feel takes into account a training period and slow start with low commision rates - most people are not in that situation - mortgages etc ... 

Becoming a DEA

Having been given this opportunity to voice my opinion, on giving advice to someone who is considering training and investing hard earned cash to train as a DEA or HI.

I would tell them keep your cash in your pocket, invest the cash in an ISA you will get a better return from this, the people who have become DEA's are lucky to earn £300.00 per month.

The Government have stuttered and stalled all the way down the line when it came to implementing the HCR and the EPC on all properties.

The training organizations are still advertising for new candidates to enroll. Even though the industry is overloaded with DEA's and HI's.

Still making money or trying to make money by selling CPD to those already trained and extra courses so that we can all keep our skills honed for the forthcoming rush of work.

These are my thoughts on the situation at present.

Mike Houldsworth.

too many of us?

Well, let's just say that this government has certainly let a lot of honest individuals, down. We were told that this was a golden opportunity to help the environment and at the same time give many of us, a chance at a change in direction in our working lives.

I for one, feel very let down and out of pocket! Since November last year I have done 2 assessments and a friend of mine, in London, has done none. For pity's sake, don't take any more trainees on now.

When I first started out on this journey and let's face it, it is a journey.....uphill! we were told by this government that the country needed at least 10,000 of us and now when there are over 7000, we are now told that 4000 would be a more realistic figure.

The powers that be must make the public perception of us more acceptable. At the moment I almost don't want to admit that I am one of those dreaded DEA's. The P.R. has been diabolical. Let's just hope that when the housing market turns round, as one day it surely will; us, 7000 will be ready to reap some benefits as we deserve.

Chris Cannon.

Seriously do your homework

Seriously do your homework before even thinking about spending thousands on a training course.  We were advised that anticipated realistic earnings in the first year would be £30,000 (full time) based on each EPC being paid at approximately £120.00 and this only works out at being 1 EPC per day - not too unrealistic you might think!!

Between myself and some other DEA's I know, we are lucky to average 1 per week between all of us - not quite what we were sold!!

I have spent time writing an

I have spent time writing an article which discusses the issues facing DEAs at present. Should i train as a domestic energy assessor? It tries to look for possible solutions and would appreciate all comments and suggestions. 

 I am spending time trying to get the message out as the flow of DEAs continues.........