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CPD requirements & Accreditation Schemes

Find below the Continuous Professional Development requirements by the DEA Accreditation Schemes


- Elmhurst (

This accreditation scheme requires 10 hours of CPD learning in a year. It is essential to complete the full quota for the year. The activity is particularly important in the first year. The scheme members are allowed to study activities from third parties.

Elmhurst does not require the CPD courses to be pre-approved; however, it can pre-approve the courses if the training companies approach. The scheme does not approve CPD credit, but DEA must record the CPD hours clearly.

The DEAs should judge before selecting the activities to study, from a reputable suppliers on the subject related to the CPD plan. There is an administration fee for the review of the course material. The review would take few days to be approved.


This scheme requires 20 hours learning over a year for home inspectors and 10 hours learning a year for the DEAs. You need to take the responsibility of technical competence and should be acquainted with the best practices.

It approves third-party courses for Lifelong Learning. You can read from the book, attending traditional short courses and even learn from colleagues.

NHER does not require the course to be pre-approved by the scheme. However, the Personal Development Plans must take into account the activities and record the results from it. Regarding the guidance, NHER advices to determine their own requirements before registering for a course.

The approved courses are provided with logo and the list is available on the website. DEAs should scrutinize carefully about the course, irrespective of the accreditation scheme. NHER charges for submitting course material for review. Primarily the speed of the review depends on the information provided.

- Northgate (

This scheme requires 20 hours yearly. Northgate requires the DEAs to complete the full quota, as they feel that it would acquaint them with other related issues and softer skills.

It accepts the third party course and most of the CPDs are provided by Northgate accredited third parties. Moreover, it is not restricted to formal course; it also accepts the attendance in seminar by government departments and professional bodies.

They prefer CPD courses, however, some special cases are also granted approval post attendance. To provide the guidance, Northgate offers an application form for on the website where you can submit a potential CPD event for approval. Everyone can access the qualities through this. For advertising guidelines, in the coming years it is to provide Northgate approved endorsement. Details of these are also provided in the Northgate website.

The membership fees cover the cost for submitting course material for review. The DEA members will have no direct charge for submission. It requires at least a week for the proper review; however, it would be better if a prior notice were provided.

- RICS (

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) has no minimum time fixed for the DEAs. Members of the scheme must adhere to the rules – competence, integrity, service provision and life long learning (LLL). The rules also suggest the members to be acquainted with the technical standards and practice the same. The scheme encourages LLL that would include informal learning, reading articles and professional work-based activities. Members are also recommended to try other courses.

The scheme also allows the third party course. RICS does not restrict the members to the approved courses. The members can easily decide which course to take.

However, no credits are awarded for attending the course. To know more about the learning objectives, the members can check out the 'learning outcomes' section. Members of RICS are required to access their learning needs periodically.

- ECMK (

This scheme requires 16 hours of learning in a year and does not require you to complete the hours if accredited before 1st March 2008.

You can attend courses given by external third party and can take advantage of in-house offerings. The CPD courses should be pre-approved for the scheme to be recognized. However, there are no such advertising guidelines for the scheme. The scheme does not require the cost for submitting course material for approval. Moreover, review of the material is expected to be complete within 2 weeks. The scheme also provides the CPD credits to be awarded according to the time.

- Quidos (

This scheme recommends 12 hours of CPD in a year. Further, it also suggests that all the DEAs should spend more time to keep in touch with the latest development in the field. Quidos allows you to attend third- party CPD courses. However, the CPD training provider or the member under the scheme must get the course approved.

Most importantly, the course should be pre-approved. The validity and quality of the course needs to be confirmed and it is necessary to ensure that the course is useful for the DEAs.

Another essential requirement for getting Quidos approval is that the course should improve the professional performance of the attendee. They essentially allow the courses that are industry-related like HIPs workshops, DEA refresher courses and floor plans training.

Once a course is approved, the time for completion of the course is also known. The time required to finish the course determines the CPD credits for the DEAs. After being approved, the advertisements can be put up as - Quidos-approved CPD course.

Quidos charges nothing for submitting a CPD course material for review and completes the review within 24 hours to 48 hours. Once the course is approved, the CPD credits are also mentioned.

- Home Inspector Certification Ltd (

The scheme of Hi certification requires 10 hours of CPD training annually. In case of non-working members, it is essential to complete at least 5 hours of CPD training. Others need to complete the full quota. The working professionals should continue practicing to keep in touch with the recent development.

Hi Certification doesn’t allow third party course. It provides no approval to the courses. However, members of the scheme are advised to undergo courses that comply with the objective of the DEAs’ Personal development Plan. The members must access the benefits after completion of the CPD training.

For advertisement guidelines, the scheme recommends the training providers to focus on the relevance of the course. The relevance can be rated as high, medium or low. For the review of the course material, Hi Certification has no charges. However, the scheme prefers subjects focused that are based on the development needs of the DEAs.

- Stroma (

This scheme requires 20 hours of CPD study in a year. However, it is important for the members to complete the full quota of CPD training. The scheme is in favour of additional courses that would increase their knowledge.

The scheme also allows third party courses. To know whether a course is recognized and relevant, the members can seek help from the helpdesk. The members are advised to take on the courses that depend on their experience and knowledge.

Generally, STROMA concentrates on topics associated with changing standards, legislative requirements and business development. In addition, it also focuses on design elements such as eco-technology.