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Thanks DEAlocal. My £1.23

Thanks DEAlocal. My £1.23 just converted into £350 worth of work. 2 commercials and 1 residential all for the same landlord in the same building, what a conversion that turned out to be. I will be responding to all of your quote requests from now on. Brilliant.

Amazing system. I have just

Amazing system. I have just bagged a new client for the cost of just £1.23, unbelievable. I can't thank you enough, your system is amazing. I seem to be winning most of the quotes I go for and I'm charging a decent fee too. Brilliant can't thank you enough.

EPC's, Lease Plans,

EPC's, Lease Plans, Commercial energy performance certificates EPC's EPC

Many thanks Manuel, I have

Many thanks Manuel,

I have just picked up a huge client, this should keep me in assessments for a good few months. I'll be sending you over a drink. 


Hi Manuel

You have , for a 'beer', provided me a number of excellent leads , my conversion rate is 90%, which reflects the quality you have provided , thank you , here to more 'beers' 



Many thanks for the Lead

Many thanks for the Lead Manuel.An excellent client,hassle free EPC issued and paid for immediately. Aurthur Guinness winging its way to you via paypal.


Thanks and enjoy your beer _I'd like to buy you a Brewery

Well thank you - no effort and no outlay at all. It costs me a lot more than 2 beers to generate a successful business lead.

Enjoy. keep up your hard work. 

First success via DEA Local!

Thanks or the introduction and enjoy a beer on me!

Work from DEA local to me

Hi Manuel,

I would like to praise your professionalism and thank you for the work you have sent me, I have sent a few beers your way, keep up the good work


Just to say Thanks Very Much

Just wanted to say thanks as got my first epc request the other day which led to a job! What is your preference lager or real ale? Tristan


  Recieved an enquiry the other day, which lead to a job.

  Thanks DEA Local 

Just to say thanks

Just to say thanks Manuel, I got some more new business through this site this week!


We got our first job from your site and am impressed by the response as opposed to other sites we use, the contact could prove to be long term



Lager or Beer

I'm glad to hear that ...

I'm glad to hear that, I hope we'll get you many more. I'll have a pint of Guinness please :-)

Successful lead

Tahnks Manuel,

I got a job from a referral from DEAlocal, keep up the good work.

Successfull lead - thanks

Thanks Manuel - lead led to a job.


Thanks for the lead, the vendor was well impressed with the system.  Due to a slight error on the vendors side i got a request for an EPC and he wanted a HIP which i was able to provide.

A successful lead

Many thanks for forwarding the enquiry.  It lead to an EPC.  A beer is winging its way through the wonders of the internet.



Hi Manuel,

Good result! One lead successfully converted and just dealing with another lead in space of a few days. This could cost me a few beers but well done and thanks.

In difficult trading conditions, it's good to have some quality leads!

Derek Chant


EPC quote

Hi Manuel, Just a note to say thanks and keep up the good work!!! We could do with 100 more people out there as commited as you in this difficult period. Thanks again, Darrel.

Thanks DEA local

Thats my 3rd job from DEA local - no fuss, no promises, just a good lead and up to me. I'm a member of IDEA and DCHI but the I guess its DEA local thats delivering the work

Thank Manuel, theres a drink for you

Vince falco

Cornwall Home energy surveys

Thanks DEA

I've had enquiries from two customers thanks to which has resulted in both customers placing orders for EPC's. A big thank you to Manuel for offering a great site to us DEA'S. 

Thanks for your Referrals

Thanks DEA local

Have received instructions as a result of your referrals.

This is great news mainly because it proves that people are choosing local DEAs when informed, hence supporting local business and minimising the carbon footprint.

Doing a great job

Hi all,

Just wanted to put into black and white how useful this site has been over the past couple of days. I have had calls from 3 major rental firms who needed a DEA and googled DEA and the location they wanted, my name came up third on the first page thanks to this web site. I had 9 appointments on Fri, 6 on Sat, 2 Sun, 6 today and 5 booked for tomorrow.

Manuel, you deserve some heart felt thanks for all the work you have done, i have been one of those that have not shown any interest for a while, i am a converted DEALocal support. Thanks again

my first EPC

I registered with dealocal about a month ago, and got my first instruction last week, 5 minutes from my home, in East London, felt really good to get the first 1 out the way, and am looking forward to doing the next one, thankyou dealocal.


I had an email request sent the other day asking to quote for an EPC. I rang the client, got on well and eventually managed to secure the complete HIP (although I employed a local solicitor to do the legal work) - which allowed me to charge a reasonable rate - as opposed to what the pack providers offer.

 This was the third email request via DEA Local I had received this year - two of which resulted in work for me.


Work at last

It's taken me three months to do it but today I received a request to produce an EPC, I gave a quote and got the job so thank you DEA Local.

Landlord EPCs Enquire

Only a few days after joining dealocal East London HIPs ltd got a call from a local estate agents who is looking to offer us work when Rental Property EPC's come in from October 2008 so a big THANKS to dealocal for promoting DEA's and bringing us leads.

I also found it very encouraging to get the new from Dea local on how they are promoting DEA's and the advice on getting more promotion of your website.

Nick Walton

East London HIPs ltd.

We are receiving web traffic

Even though we have not received any direct work from DEAlocal yet. We, however, are receiving some traffic to our site from DEAlocal. This can easily be tracked am sure most know if you install google analytics.

This is just to say, no

This is just to say, no sooner than I post my first blog complaining about no work and no money and having spent up trying to get a exclusive patch with a HIP provider who still has not passed work over as yet.

I got a call direct from a member of the public who wanted a full HIP. I had to be competitive but it was local and got the job. The client did not get my name from the providers marketing or my web site but from DEAlocal.

A big thank you Manuel and hope there's more to come and also for your efforts trying to sort an old fools text links for his website. I will be back to you on that one soon.

Many thanks
Carl [Blackpool]


12 months after passing my DEA exam, almost to the day, I recieved a call from a local solicitor quoting the DEA Local website. With that call and some other avenues I've been busy since and would like to take the time to thank Manuel for all his hard work (though I am sure he has help).

This is a truly brilliant site and it is great to find someone who is taking the time to make the world a better place without trying to use Energy Assessors as a source of income!

Good Luck to Manuel and I hope some Assessors have the same fortune.

DEA Work

Hi Manuel, my name is Alex operating in SW London. I think I may have recieved some interest from the DEA local directory- But Im not 100% sure if it was DEA local or the 'small business' directory.

EPC Leads

I have been pleased to receive a number of enquiries regarding the provision of an EPC and have carried out one just a few days ago as a result of a lead from DEA Local for a couple who are compiling their own HIP.

I hope to get a few more as a result of the further enquiries I have received recently. In a tough market you seem to be able to attract business leads to your site and to the DEA's that are registered. I can thoroughly recommend this portal to all DEA's. 

I've recieved just the one

I've recieved just the one (about 3 months ago).


That was very unrealistic expectation

I'm not surprised you didn't get that job as that was very unrealistic expectation from her state agent.

No worries I'm sure more will come.

I did have one enquiry

I'm sorry but I've had no jobs yet througy DEAlocal. I did have one enquiry and he seemed happy with my quote and said he'd get back but he didn't. Anyway, thanks for the service and when the housing market picks up things might get a bit better. Regards Allan

I've had 2 enquiries so far,

I've had 2 enquiries so far, (one of them the e-mail address bounced!) but no business as yet. I'll keep you posted and let you know as soon as I get an enquiry that turns fruitfuL!! I'll upload my logos etc at some point when I get 5 too! Thanks, hope its starting to get going for you, Justin



I've had referrals to my website which have emanated from DEAlocal, but no direct contacts or work. Most of my current work is for HIPs via my own website. However I think DEAlocal is extremely worthwhile, and a valuable source. Let's hope the lettings market offers more opportunites.

Richard Delderfield 

Several leads which we have turned into jobs

DEAlocal has already provided several leads which we have turned into jobs. Great service and great information provided on site.

Highly recommend to any DEA.


Work obtained through DEA Local

Last week I recieved an enquirery through DEA Local by a solicitor, I gave my quote and recieved the commision. Thanks DEA Local


John Colyer

DEA Local Success !

I was rather sceptical whether anyone would look for a DEA online but I must admit I was wrong. I’ve already had one enquiry form a local homeowner and also one job through a solicitor who contacted me through DEA Local.

He used the site as he was in another part of the country and needed and EPC doing on a flat in my area. (Twickenham). My quote was accepted and the job completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Many thanks DEA Local.


I have made several contacts

I have made several contacts but am never sure where they hear about me in the first place. I will ask in future and let you know.


EPC Referral

I have had one contact so far, it was a local person who was putting together his own HIP and required the EPC.  He found the DEAlocal site easy to use and directed him quickly to my contact details.  No Fuss, excellent.  Well Done Manuel.

Feedback to DEA Local

My name is Malcolm Dudack, and I operate Axcel Home Inspections, we are Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) and Home Information Pack (HIP) providers in the Northern Home Counties and Essex areas.

I have had several enquiries through DEA Local and I do consider my  'posting' to be a useful resource.