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DEAlocal eZine - Issue # 3

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August the 22nd, 2008 - Issue # 3

In this issue;

- On Business

Aren't you offering your own HIPs yet?
Looking for some support from ...

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Cloning EPCs by Mani Kooner
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Dear DEA,

I hope you enjoy reading the features in this DEAlocal eZine issue.

- On Business

Aren't you offering your own HIPs yet?

I'm pretty sure the answer to the above question (for most DEAs) is; Yes, of course I am.

However, even if you already use one of the "white label HIP" services around, I think it's worth checking the "Do Your Own HIP" service.

The main reasons I choose this service are that they have a very user friendly and intuitive interface and more importantly it gives me the option to offer "Personal" or "Official" searches
to my customers. We all know that some customers (or best say
their solicitors and/or morgatge providers) prefer the official

If we take in account that some of the media are still giving HIPs such bad reputation, being able to give your customers the option to choose between the both it's, at least, a good advantadge over other providers.

It also feels reasuring the fact that BlueSoft is the company behind scenes of "Do Your Own HIP". In case you don't know, Bluesoft (
has been in the IT industry for 15 years already and has a quite an
impresive list of clients (some very important UK corporates like Alex
Lawrie, Briatnnia and Powergen just to mention a few.)

By the way, they were the winners of the BCS 2006 Information Management Awards.

They are offering a HIP for DEAs at £145 VAT included, at this price you get everything but the EPC (so you can provide your own).

Because official searches prices vary enormously between different councils
(sometimes nearly as twice as much) that fixed price is for the
"Personal searches" HIP. For this reason there's no way they can offer
a fixed price on the "Official searches" HIP (but you get an instant quote before you order it).

My advice is you check it out, register with them and test it, if it works for you stick to it, otherwise move on.

Last week I published a blog post where I also mentioned it, you can check it out here.

Looking from some support from some of YOU

Even though this month we've seen a fewer quote requests, the “EPC Quote widget”, seems to keep working well. I can imagine that this slow down is due to the holidays break.

So, you may be wondering what I need some support from you, do you?

The reason is that after many more EPC quotes requests (therfore jobs for some) NOT a single DEA has been able to spare me a minute to Post some Testimonials ...

I know, some of you would be delighted to give a good testimonial if you get the quote requests, yet it seems that all the requests go to the fellow DEAs who aren't ready to give back a little bit.

I don't want to do it but, if you can't give back a little bit (I mean the ones getting but not giving) ... I may end up disappointing some of you :-( or, even worse for you,  I'll end up having to put a price for the leads or jobs ... is that what you want?

I'm happy to help but remember, everything you get here at DEAlocal is for free, isn't it? and I'm giving more than others who are charging you a monthly fee.

Please, if you got a job (or more) through DEAlocal, don't forget to Post your Testimonials here

- From the Blog

Cloning EPCs

DEA Mani Kooner from Derbyshire needed some guidance on how to clone EPCs.

He got a reply from Ray Powers from Birmingham. I found it quite useful, especially if you don't know what cloning EPC is about (that was my case :-), thanks Ray.

Also, after some research I found "A guide to generating Energy Performance Certificates for similar dwellings owned by the same landlord" by the CLG

Don’t miss this post at

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- SEO & Marketing Tips

Exchanging Links the right way (for DEAs only)

I’ve just published a Blog post on how exchange website links in a way that it will benefit your business without giving away your prospect customers to others DEAs.

If you have a website you musn't miss this Blog post, it will definetly help you improve your SERPs. You may not know it but links are the most important step towards good search engine rankins.

Don’t miss this Blog post at

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