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Offer Your Own HIP

Do you offer a full HIP to your customers?

If you don't . . . You are Losing Customers and Money !

I know the above question sounds a bit stupid, doesn't it? That's because we all know that there are hundreds of white label HIP services around (and more will come) that allow anyone to become a HIP provider themselves.

For the ones who don't know, a white label HIP, is a home information pack that you can brand with your own logo and company details. The ones designed for DEAs come without the EPC, therefore you can add your own energy performance certificate and offer a complete HIP to your customers.

Offering HIPs is, without a doubt, the next step for any independent DEA and the best way of increasing your revenue and jobs.

The advantage, is obvious, by offering the whole HIP your are covering a much greater marketplace.

You'll eventually, be able to get rid of the Panels and HIP providers (that usually pay peanuts) thus gaining more independence for your business and better fees for your EPC jobs.

It should only take an extra fifteen minutes to take care of the HIP ordering and delivering process. Most of these services have an online set up that makes it really easy to order and track the HIP progress.

You only  need to input the address of the property you are working with. In many cases they'll even print the HIP (branded with your logo and details as well as your own EPC) and take care of delivery to your customer, if that's what you want.

Most DEAs make some extra money from selling the HIP, however I've seen many assessors offering the sellers pack just as a way of gaining EPC jobs. I think it's a good idea, as long as you can sell the energy performance certificate for a good fee.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, don't you? Chances are that you've been contacted by more than one of these HIP providers and that you've been offering the home packs to your customers for a while by now.

I plan to write a comparative review of white label HIP provider for DEAs and their rates. Don't be surprised if you receive an email about what services you have used and asking for some feedback for the review :-)

For now I can tell you about "Do Your Own HIPs" . It's a HIP provider I use and and feel confident in recommending.

Do Your Own HIPsThey offer a HIP for DEAs at only £161.91 per HIP including VAT. For this fixed fee, they will provide Personal Searches and you need to produce the EPC yourself. This competitive price is for anyone registering with them through DEAlocal.

Click here to Register with "Do Your Own HIPs" Now. Registering is free with no compromise on your side. You will be able to see first hand how user friendly their system is.

One of the advantages I find about working with them, is that you can also get an instant quote for Local Searches too therefore giving more options to your customer and allowing you to offer a better service.