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What is an Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Energy performance certificates are documents that everyone should have in their hands by the time they move into a new house whether they are buying or renting. This leads us to the pertinent question as to- what is an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC. EPC are files that are used to indicate to potential renters or buyers the measurement or approximation of what will be the energy usage of the property. The EPC further points towards the environmental impact and adverse effect of CO2 production. Domestic property in UK coughs up about a quarter of the energy usage and this makes it crucial that EPCs are taken care of right at the beginning.

Not just a warning or sorts, the EPC is a valuable document to have because if you are environment conscious, then it gives you insightful information on how to reduce your costs as well as usage. These recommendations for the property owner are simple and they ensure that you are using your energy efficiently. Installation of cavity wall insulation or bettering the loft insulation makes sure that lead to better usage and more greenery. The people who have been the happiest with this document are the environmental activists who support the cause of anti global warming.

Though the EPC has received a black mark as being a part of the heavily negated Home Information Pack (HIP), it has created a reputation for itself by talking of surging pollution and need for reduction. The potential decrease in environmental damage is a must and a surety if the recommendations are even loosely followed.

EPCs are given by Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) should you need one. If you are on the lookout for government software that is standardized then these are the people you need to contact. They are specialized in their area of work, the forte of which is EPCs. They have special accreditation to deem a house fit for energy usage or not. They look at the credentials and input them into the software which then chalks up the necessary documentation along with the recommendation.

The EPC is known to give a certification of your home usage rating from A to G. An A rating generally means that it is very efficient, with lower bills and G is a bad rating, meaning higher fuel bills. Your landlord must get an EPC so as to curb too much wastage at the home level. Since commercial enterprises already chalk up huge usage bills, carbon dioxide emissions has to be lowered from the private level. With lower fuel bills, these properties also become sites of much buying and selling activity. Thus, marketing such a property becomes a much easier affair and therefore, the landlord could invest in such documentation.

Getting this certificate might seem like a lot of trouble but once you have it, the satisfaction is priceless. It is a step in saving the world that you live in and also increases the potential of you property. Isn’t that a deal?



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