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The cowboys may have met their match

Reading all the post about DEAs charging just £30 for an EPC Certificate, (and in some cases even less) the situation is becoming rather depressing for a group of professionals who are trying to do a thorough job and producing meaningful EPC’s.

For those of us who have committed to starting a proper business and pride ourselves on our professionalism and approach to work , find it difficult to compete with the individuals who have other full time jobs and produce Energy Performance Certificates  on the side, either during days off or at week ends.

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Why amateurs are killing the industry

Whenever and wherever energy assessors gather the talk soon turns to fee levels and how hard it is to build and maintain a decent income. Often the blame is laid at the door of the Panel Operators (PO) who simply acts as middle-men yet seem to take the lion’s share of the fee. However, it appears there is another enemy out there and this time it’s our own colleagues.

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Are Domestic Energy Assessors selling themselves short?

One of the biggest complaints often voiced by DEAs is the fact that they are “ripped off” by Panel Operators (POs), the companies that advertise to carry out EPC certificates and then farm the work out to local DEAs. 

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How long is my Energy Performance Certificate good for?

If only the answer were as simple as the question. Currently if you are a landlord and intend to rent out your property, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is good for ten years. This isn’t quite the case for someone trying to sell their property. In fact if they don’t sell it sooner their EPC certificate is only good for three years before a new one is required. So there is a somewhat confusing disparity there already.   One question which promptly springs to mind is “What happens if you want to rent your property out whilst looking for a buyer?”

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What is taken into account in producing an Energy Performance Certificate?

Love them or loath them, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are now a fact of life for home-owners, landlords, tenants and buyers. Whilst many people are now used to looking at the EPC certificate chart, which resembles those little stickers you find on modern electrical goods, few actually understand what goes into arriving at that score and what can, and can’t be done, to improve it.

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Will triumph for the Tories spell the end for Home Information Packs?

Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps has recently reconfirmed his pledge to scrap Home Information Packs (HIPs) if the Conservative Party succeeds in next year’s General Election. Not so widely reported, but potentially more damaging for struggling Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) is his plan to move the requirement for an EPC certificate (EPC) to the end of the house buying process. Summing this up Shapps said “We will scrap the discredited HIPs, liberating EPCs to genuinely help people improve the environmental standing of their property”.

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Renewable technologies getting a bad press in RdSAP

I have just lodged an EPC certificate for a 400m+ Victorian house which has a NIBE air source heat pump. The vendor and I made lots of positive noise about these things and everyone was happy. Imagine my surprise that the house scored 21! To put this in perspective I substituted the heat pump with a condensing gas boiler and the property shot up to 50!

I understand that this is due to the fact that the pump uses electricity as part of it’s ‘combustion’ process but this can’t be right, can it? The government is telling people to go green, and one of the main diagnostic tools in their armoury is the Energy Performance Certificate. Yet when you use that tool on the latest technologies all it does is punish the owner!

Does anyone else have any examples?

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Energy Performance Certificates For Landlords

The Energy Performance Certificate contains information about the carbon emissions and energy efficiency of a building. With effect from 1 October 2008, landlords of all rental properties would require to produce an EPC certificate to prospective tenant. However, you do not have to produce an EPC to the existing tenant if they signed the contract before the 1st of October 2008.
From April 6, 2008, buildings rented out having a floor area over 10,000 sq meters required the certificate. From 1 October 2008, the EPC will be the requirement of the other commercial buildings, which are ready to let. These certificates are a product of the governments much publicized Home Information Packs or HIPs.

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Generating extra revenue from EPC certificates

We all know about downward pressure on fees and how its affecting our ability to survive and thrive in the curent downturn.  Whilst I agree with many commments on the blog that we should try and maintain our standards and keep our fees up its important to remember that we are all operating in a commoditised market.  By this I mean all our clients often want is the 'tick in the box' which makes their sale / rental legal.  In that context its not surprising that they will look for the cheapest, quickest, least hassle solution.

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Save Loosing Lodgement Fees by Acting on Another DEAs Advice

A common problem with entering an EPC certificate for lodgement is a lack of any registered flats at some addresses and most NEW DEAs have never been told what to do about it in training, we all learn from on-the job, or from those who like me share their knowledge for ALL DEAs at

You can assume that all you have to do is simply add Flat 2 to the address and the software will add the flat to the house number. Unfortunately, I learnt to my cost that this is not true and the results changed as a ground floor flat turned into a Mid Floor flat and it was never mentioned in the print out! I thought the landlord would be ok with it, but he needed the Flat Number of course on the EPC, so I had to act, send emails and find out what to do?

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