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Have you Switched Accreditation Scheme?

After a year on the business, some of you may have decided to renew their accreditation with a different scheme than the original the used, have you switched?

If you have, remember you must up-date your business listing with your new accreditation number.

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DEAlocal eZine - Issue # 4

DEAlocal eZine - for VIP members Only

October the 26th, 2008 - Issue # 4

In this issue;

- On Business

A new guide from CLG on EPC requirements
New "Catchment Area" for the Business listings
Do Your Own HIPs for more profit?

- From the Blog

New - Buy Me a Beer - button
Work over the Christmas period !

- SEO & Marketing Tips

Is Your Website working for You?

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Does anyone want some work over the Christmas period?

Hi everyone.

This is purely speculative at the moment, so don't get planning any New Year celebrations ....yet!

I am preparing a quote for properties in Cardiff (28), Portsmouth (25) and Exeter (28), also a number in Birmingham but I shall do those myself. They are converted houses for student lets and the agent has confirmed that they are 'group lettings' and therefore require an EPC. The majority of the properties are 6 - 8 beds with an occassional 9 or 10 thrown in. They will need to be completed around the Christmas period to coincide with the Uni holiday, so we are talking about 5-6 days work for each area.

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Training Companies should be stopped – its immoral!

I have just taken a call from a guy who has been offered training as a DEA. He has been told that he could earn upwards of 50k per year! Not only that it would only cost him £6,500 for the full training!

I put him straight on a few true facts – too many assessors, low charge rates, housing market etc etc. Advised him that the only one making money at this at the moment are the training companies. I was thanked for my honesty.

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CPD requirements & Accreditation Schemes

Find below the Continuous Professional Development requirements by the DEA Accreditation Schemes


- Elmhurst (

This accreditation scheme requires 10 hours of CPD learning in a year. It is essential to complete the full quota for the year. The activity is particularly important in the first year. The scheme members are allowed to study activities from third parties.

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Finally the ball is rolling!

It's only taken 4 months but I have finally carried out, inputed and produced an Energy Performance Certificate. I had nearly given up hope, but on monday when I logged on, I saw I had a request for a quote. I eagerly responded with my best sales patter and within a few hours a phone call was exchanged and an appointment set.

I eagerly rushed around getting papers and equipment in order and the next day turned up in plenty of time. I had completed the survey with in 30mins (not bad for my first one I thought, a five bedroom town house) and spent the next 20mins putting the credit crunch to rights.

I left the client with plenty of business cards and brochures, and went to log my results. I had the EPC in my hand with in an hour and the client had it in his 30mins later. 'Now thats service' he said, 'we aim to please' I responded. Cash paid there and then, £60 in the bank. 

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New "Catchment Area" for the Business listings

We've been trying to add a "Catchment Area" to the business listings for a while. It proved a trickier than expected.

Anyway, the first step is ready to use (as many of you already know), you can now add more Counties/Unitaries Authorities/Metropolitan Districts to your area of work or "Catchment Area"

To do so, simply follow the instructions below.

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