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DEAlocal eZine - Issue # 3

DEAlocal eZine - for VIP members Only

August the 22nd, 2008 - Issue # 3

In this issue;

- On Business

Aren't you offering your own HIPs yet?
Looking for some support from ...

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Cloning EPCs by Mani Kooner
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- SEO & Marketing Tips

Exchanging Links (the right way) for DEAs only

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Offer Your Own HIP

Do you offer a full HIP to your customers?

If you don't . . . You are Losing Customers and Money !

I know the above question sounds a bit stupid, doesn't it? That's because we all know that there are hundreds of white label HIP services around (and more will come) that allow anyone to become a HIP provider themselves.

For the ones who don't know, a white label HIP, is a home information pack that you can brand with your own logo and company details. The ones designed for DEAs come without the EPC, therefore you can add your own energy performance certificate and offer a complete HIP to your customers.

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How low can you go ?

I have been undertaking EPC,s and providing HIP's in the mid Somerset area and have been very disappointed to see the price wars and reduction in fees etc over the past few weeks. The problem is gathering pace. 

At the turn of the year I produced a HIP for a friend for £299 all inclusive and he was happy with the £100 saving he made by not using his Estate Agent. He was amazed at how professional the product was and thought it good value.

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Cloning EPC's


I do not know much about cloning EPC's - but I may be required to help someone with cloning in the future - anyone got any advice on how this is done or any websites that are useful to visit.


Mani Kooner

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DEA's Not Playing Ball

Within my local area I have gained a good name due to the efficeint and proffesional service I provide to several estate agents and solicitors.  

However, a local firm for whom i used to work showed some desperation and contacted all my clients undercutting my fees by half!!!

Now i know we all need to make a living but surely this is just not acceptable from fellow dea's, is it? Can I name and shame? 

Luckily for me I pleaded my case and reduced my fees slightly to keep my clients on board but this is not the point. 

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DEAlocal eZine - Issue # 2

DEAlocal eZine - for VIP members Only

July the 22nd, 2008 - Issue # 2

In this issue;

- On Business

EPC Quote widget” feedback
Exchanging Links between DEAs
The latest guide from CLG

- From the Blog

Question on a Bad Debtor by Carl McGrath
Some Good Advice for struggling DEAs by Stuart White

- SEO & Marketing Tips

Easily Improve your Business Listing SERPs (Search Engine Results Page )

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Question on a bad debtor

I wondered if you or any members know if there is a way of retrieving an issued EPC for a client who just won’t pay.

I just thought if this were possible it would make the HIP incomplete and therefore void.

It’s only for one job which I did in record time and too cheap but it’s the principal it’s not worth taking the legal route and of course people like this particular individual possibly take advantage of that fact and always move around.

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DEAlocal eZine has Launched

DEAlocal eZine - for VIP members Only

June the 22nd, 2008 - Issue # 1

In this issue;

- On the News

DEAlocal eZine has Launched
New “Easy EPC Quote” widget added
The “DEA training issue”

- On the Blog

Post Codes Easy Peasy by Peter Davies

- On Internet SEO

Exchanging Links between DEAs … is it a good SEO practice?

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