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New “Easy EPC Quote” widget added

For the last few days, some of our members have been lucky enough to discover the new “Easy EPC Quote” webform widget. That’s because they’ve already received a  EPC quote request from some local Home Owners from your business listing.

You can find it at . However, DON’T test it from there, if you DO … you won’t see the true power of this new exclusive widget … bear with me for a sec.

Instead, go to your Your Own DEAlocal Business Listing and click on one of the links that says “Request an EPC quote”, that will take you to the same form but with a small, but powerful, difference.

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Landlords urged to get ready now for October 1st

Landlords and letting agents are being urged to get ready now for the October 1st deadline when EPCs will be extended to the rental sector.

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Fee for EPC

Hello to everyone,

 This is a stark warning to everyone of you DEA's out there if you want to maintain a healthy business for your future you have to stop selling energy performance certificates for stupid low fee. For stupid money or you wont have a business in 6 months time.

Stop with the £40 and £50 for an epc a reasonable ammount for an epc has to be between 65 and 95 depanding on the size of the property and the volume

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Becoming a Domestic Energy Assessor in the UK - The Plain Truth

So, You Want to Become a Domestic Energy Assessor . . .  Do You?

Don't Even Think of
booking Your Dip DEA Training
Before Reading This !!!

  • Are you looking for a New Exciting Career?
  • Would you re-train and have a lucrative new career as a Domestic Energy Assessor?
  • Want to become a DEA, earning good money and working flexible hours?

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Landlords Energy Saving Allowance

Further to my recent blog in relation to Energy Performance Certificates for Landlords it is possible that landlords may benefit from Landlords Energy Saving Allowance.

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Large increase in private HIP orders for Hipright

April for Hipright saw a large increase in the amount of HIPs produced for private homeowners.  It would appear that the general public are increasingly becoming wiser about options for sourcing their packs, the increased flexibility gained from this and often the large cost savings associated.

Confirmation from industry leaders has also backed up these findings and we expect to see considerable increases in private instructions throughout the remainder of 2008.

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Hipright Goes National on HIPs

Hipright are pleased to announce that we now offer a full nationwide service on Home Information Packs (HIPs).  Commencing with immediate effect, we can now offer the outstanding service and quality of Hipright products to you no matter where you are located.
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