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Land Registry compliant Lease Plans energy performance certificates

Contact Details
Name: Ross Simon Prideaux

Simmil Road Claygate
KT10 0RT
DEA Accreditation Scheme
NES: NHER004074  

Having recently qualified as a Domestic Energy Assesor and set up ABC Energy Ltd, I have just completed a project for 7 landlords over 8 days covering 44 properties. The properties dated from 1832 to 2003, & included modern & refurbished flats above & behind shops plus many houses mainly 1900 or 1930 ranging from 2 bedrooms and up to 8 in the largest. After 2 days they seemed happy with my approach and knowing that they did not need to be present at all times were happy to leave me with the keys and intruder alarm codes.

By the end of the week the smaller properties were taking an hour and the largest an hour and 45 minutes to complete. So you should schedule upto an hour and a half per property and as a guide to costs allow £50.00 basic plus £20.00/ bedroom for the EPC. I can travel to any location but I may have to charge a fee if beyond a 15 mile radius.

Naturally I have all the necessary Personal & Professional Indemnity Insurances and I will soon have a web site and 24 hour online booking form for the Energy Performance Certificates.

Other than being well trained and now reasonably experienced I am presentable, courteous, trustworthy and conscientious, taking pride in my work by being thorough and accurate. I am not the cheapest Energy Assessor or the most expensive but I am efficient and I believe very good value for money, giving you peace of mind when having a relative stranger in your own home or let property.

I look forward to your call

Ross Prideaux DEA. 



Land Registry compliant Lease Plans


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