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Level 2 – SAVA Home Condition Survey

Cracked concrete floor

Houses can be money pits and buying a house is a major investment – so you really need to be able to make an informed decision. This is where the Home Condition Survey (HCS) Building Surveys come in.

Rotten condensation rafters

Our home condition building survey is a clear and concise and jargon free report on the condition of a domestic property.  The surveyor gives a cost effective service and will inspect and report on the property quickly, allowing the homebuyer to make a speedy and informed decision

Dangerous electrics

Delivered by specially trained and fully accredited residential property surveyors, your HCS gives you a plain English, jargon-free report on the condition of the property using a simple 1,2,3 rating guide, so it is easy to understand any risks or unforeseen expenditure that could crop up.

Cracked external wall

Buying a house can be stressful and it is not always in the seller’s best interests to be fully open about its quirks and idiosyncrasies. The HCS tells the homebuyer about any aspects of the property that need urgent attention or which present serious faults, as well as any ongoing maintenance that homebuyers might have to plan for.

Rotten floor joists timbers

The HCS can only be produced by fully qualified and accredited members of SAVA – the Government-approved organisation which trains and accredits the work of surveyors. Homebuyers can be assured of a comprehensive report produced by a professional, trustworthy individual.

Condensation Damp mould UK house

The aim of the HCS is to make the home survey process quicker, easier and more cost-effective for homebuyers – something that is now more important than ever.

Home condition building surveys.

Home Condition building Surveys

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